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Create Index on Power Point as a manual slide using hyperlink


Creating a index on Power Point slide helps :

1)      Look Geeky, Cooler !!!

2)      Helps in visually maintaining the flow between presentation, You can have index like after every slide. By manually clicking on each topic (like clicking on content1 to open content 1, then index  slide, then clicking on content2 ) , user can know what they have just now known and what is next.

3)      If your presentation has multiple topics, you can post the index slide after every topic change. This will help user to see sub-topics covered under a topic as well as user can go to any topic directly by clicking on the slide !

How to create index or How to link 2 slides in Power Point as hyperlink ?


Well, it is very simple. right click on the text (by selecting the text  first )  you want to link to. { as shown in the image  also }


powerpoint hyperlink creation index

Go to hyperlink , click on Place in this document, then click on slide you want to be linked, finally click OK to save.


In the similar way, if you have images in your slide, they can be also converted to hyperlink which when clicked, moves user to particular slide.

2 thoughts on “Create Index on Power Point as a manual slide using hyperlink

  1. Hi, I just wish to know, if we can export to PDF and generate bookmarks (for the PDF reader) with the hyperlinks or index. It would be very great if we can do such things. Is there any way ?

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